Portion of a flowing summer dress to show detail of fabric and pattern
Portion of a green dress showing fabric detail
Portion of a teal dress showing fabric and golden embroidery detail
Another shot of the green dress to show detail
Another shot of the white summer dress for fabric and pattern detail
Another shot of the teal dress to showcase more fabric and embroidery detail

Zayra E.

photo portrait of Zayra Estrada with a grey background and wearing a black shirt

Zayra Estrada is an award-winning fashion designer located in El Paso, Texas. She graduated from El Paso Community College with a degree in fashion design. Zayra’s elegant style is apparent with her innovative silhouettes and richly embellished evening gowns and cocktail dresses. Her designs have been shown in displays around El Paso and featured in magazines including the first issue of El Paso’s new arts and culture publication, “The Art Avenue”. She has presented her designs in many fashion shows and events including:

In 2012, a career highlight for Zayra Estrada was her stunning solo show at the El Paso Club as one of the signature Tom Lea Month events. Each evening gown of the collection was inspired by a Tom Lea painting, including the gown inspired by Lea’s famous “Rio Grande” landscape. Estrada designed that dress for Tom Lea Institute founder Adair Margo who wore it to El Paso’s American Institute of Architects Beaux Arts Ball in El Paso, Texas.

Zayra Estrada designs for women who like vibrant exquisitely tailored and body-conscious styles. Her creations are praised for their fine workmanship and intricate beading with other artistic embellishments.

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Zayra Estrada


Zayra Estrada Zayra Estrada